Interested in simple online training
to swiftly get strong and in shape?

Since I don't know how you got to this page, let me first introduce myself. My name is Andrew. I got married in May of 2014 and I moved from Lakeland, FL down south to Pembroke Pines, FL to start a new life with my beautiful bride. Since my clients didn't want to make a 4-hour commute, I had the opportunity to take a little time off of my rigorous training schedule and reinvent myself. I spent a great deal of time studying life balance and the importance of integrating the different areas of your life: time, spirit, body, heart, mind, and money.

I find great value and importance in all of these areas, and I want to help other people be awesome and do cool stuff by intentionally getting better in all of these areas, but for now I'm dedicating extra focus on the helping people physically. I love learning more about fitness and I love helping people get leaner, stronger, more athletic, and healthier.

I’ve dedicated a great deal of my life to attaining the knowledge to help create great programs and understand the psychological motivators to sticking with it.  To train with me in person is expensive and you need to live in my area! If you are in South Florida, you can learn more about my philosophy and the facility I train at, The Hive, by clicking here.

If you're still reading, let's get back to the reason you're here: I do offer remote online training. Some of the major benefits to training with me online are:

  • It's thousands of dollars less expensive on a yearly basis.
  • You don't have to go into a gym unless you want to.
  • You can be anywhere in the world.

Train online for free!

I created a program called that I call 4-S. Why? Because the workouts are simple, requiring no equipment. They can be done at home in about a half-hour, so you can get through them swiftly. They will certainly get you stronger and will help you get into the shape you want.

The process isn't a secret, and it's not a 21-day fix, 90 days of intensity, or anything like that. It's a gradual change in your mindset, your goals, and your habits that result in big changes over time—changes that stick around! It will absolutely work if you do. Every two weeks the next phase of training is released and emailed directly to you with videos and a workout log. That simple. No hook, no catch. Just get in touch with me to get started. Plus every participant has access to my Basic Email Support (emails will be handled in the order I receive them to provide you with support. Response time will vary).

Why do I offer this training for free?

  • It helps people feel better and be healthier without costing a dime—something I like to do!
  • I offer it as a training supplement to my clients in person if they need a little extra, or if one of us is traveling.
  • I hope it helps you get to know me and the Think Win brand so that I can end up helping the most people possible through your recommendation!

Of course, I will take your money, if you must know...

In order to give you the direction, accountability and support that you want there are a couple different facets to this program. If you want some of these more advanced features, there is a cost because it takes extra time for me to accommodate. I’ll briefly describe them here, and if you have any interest, let me know.

  • Priority Email Support – Emails will jump to the top of my list and be answered as promptly as I am able.
  • Phone/Skype/Facetime Consultations – All consultation is subject to scheduling and availability.
  • Skype/Facetime Movement Screen – A video chat session will be conducted in order to take you through several basic tests in order to determine movement capacity/limitations/precautions (information then used to key in your training strategy).
  • Monthly Training Strategy – Each month, a customized training plan will be emailed to you. The plan will be based on our discourse of your goals, needs, preferences, and progress.
  • Monthly Nutrition Strategy – Each month, a customized nutrition plan will be emailed to you. The plan will be based on our discourse of your goals, needs, preferences, and progress.

Free or advanced is up to you...

But I do recommend you do something! Try it for free and see what you think. It's not a trial period, and it's not a constant sales pitch. Just send me a note and let me know where you'd like to start.