Do you face one of the three most common health and fitness struggles?

  1. "I want to lose fat."
  2. "I want to be stronger."
  3. "I want to be pain free."

I have dealt with these issues in many of my clients, and also with myself. I want to tell you about what I did, but first let me introduce myself, since I don't know how you got to this page!

My name is Andrew. I got married in May of 2014 and I moved from Lakeland, FL down south to Pembroke Pines, FL to start a new life with my beautiful bride. Since my clients didn't want to make a 4-hour commute, I had the opportunity to take a little time off of my rigorous training schedule and reinvent myself. I spent a great deal of time studying life balance and the importance of integrating the different areas of your life: time, spirit, body, heart, mind, and money.

I find great value and importance in all of these areas, and I want to help other people be awesome and do cool stuff by intentionally getting better in all of these areas, but for now I'm dedicating extra focus on the body. I love learning more about fitness and I love helping people get leaner, stronger, more athletic, and healthier.

Nowadays I train people at an amazing facility called The Hive.

It has some incredible equipment and an amazing atmosphere! It's by appointment with a trainer only, so it's never crowded and faces become familiar. It's a happy family of people trying to get better. I really dedicate myself to apply important basics in a way that helps unique individuals reach their specific goals in a way they enjoy. You'll only get my best and my systems will work—if you do. If you're interested in checking it out and meeting with me to discuss possible training...

If you're still undecided, I have some tips, stories, testimonials, and more below. I'm sure there's something here that can be resourceful to you!

Eight tips to overcome common health and fitness struggles:


    At my heaviest, I was 202lbs. As it does for many people, breaking that 200lbs mark freaked me out! I was uncomfortable with my gut, and I felt like I could never stick with anything long enough to make a change. Eventually, I started changing my mindset and making the incremental changes I needed to. Within a year I was down to 169lbs and WAY stronger than I was at 202lbs! My pants went from a size 34" to a size 29". I was getting compliments from everyone, and I was happy for a sunny day to go shirtless! Here are three important things I did:

    TIP #1: [I kept my goals in front of me!] I continuously reminded myself with pictures and videos about what I wanted to look like. You can't keep going on one moment of inspiration—you have to revisit it over and over. Inspiration gets you started, motivation keeps you going.

    TIP #2: [I counted protein daily and calories weekly!] I made sure to hit a minimum amount of protein each day (which is less than you may have been told), and kept my calories below a certain threshold for the week. If I planned to have a feast over the weekend, I would "pay" for it throughout the week by cutting back. I kept eating the foods I liked, for the most part, but just tried to add in more vegetables and protein.

    TIP #3: [I kept training and started sprinting!] Training kept my body in a state of effective calorie burning, and sprinting is like magic (except it's science, not magic). Sprinting; on foot, a bike, in the pool, or whatever! A few of extremely high-intensity work a few times a week will have a surprising impact on you and your ability to burn fat!


    For a long time, I couldn't do pull-ups. As a man, this was embarrassing since it's such a common standard of basic strength! I started focusing on it and eventually start banging out sets of them, even while holding weights between my legs! I moved through two main phases in my training to get there:

    TIP #4: [I did a lot of holds and negatives!] Assisted pull-ups or cable pulldowns are NOT the optimal way to grow strong enough for pull-ups. They fix your lower body in a position that doesn't quite mimic the pull-up and thus don't transfer gained strength as well. Instead, I would jump up into the top position of a pull-up with my chin just above the bar and hold it as long as I could. When I started to fail, I would let myself down as slowly as possible (the negative portion). At first, I could only hold myself up for a few seconds, but in a few weeks I could hold myself up for more than 30 seconds!

    TIP #5: [I used assistance for extra reps!] Once I was able to do a couple pull-ups from the holds and negative training, I would do extra reps with as little assistance as possible. Once you're nearly strong enough, a little assistance from bands or other devices can help you work in additional reps and demand additional strength from the body. Eventually, I was getting 6+ pull-ups in every set, so I dropped the assistance and kept working with my body weight until I was able to ADD resistance and keep getting stronger.


    I used to have a lot pain in my upper back. From all the driving, reading, computing, and sitting our culture does, I had developed poor posture—thoracic kyphosis (a fancy way of saying my upper back rounded forward). I would get aches and even burning pain in my upper back at random times. Here are three things I did to get great, pain-free posture:

    TIP #6: [I-Y-T squeezes!] Belly down on the ground (you can do it standing if needed), I would lift my face and chin off the floor. Keeping my head up, I would point both arms forward making my body into the "I" shape. With my thumbs toward the ceiling, I would lift my hands as high as possible for 5 seconds (which isn't very high), then relax. A few seconds later, I would move my hand out to 45° angles making myself into the "Y" shape, and repeat the 5 second squeeze with my thumbs up. Another brief rest, and I would lower my arms again, making a "T" shape and repeat the thumbs up squeeze. After getting through I, Y, and T, I would completely relax for 30-45 seconds before repeating again. This really developed the upper back postural muscles, and even brought immediate, temporary relief (eventually turning into long-term relief!).

    TIP #7: [I stretched my chest and shoulders!] Rounded back is usually coupled with tight muscles in the chest and shoulders. Since the shoulders are rounded forward, the chest and shoulders get tight and stiff. This makes it even harder for the back muscles to pull you into the right position because they are getting loose and weak while chest and shoulders are getting shorter and tighter. By grabbing onto a doorway with one hand and turning away, I was able to really stretch the front of my body. While I was strengthening the muscles in my back, this made it all the more easy for them to pull me into the right position and relieve my pain (plus make me look taller, stronger, and more confident!).

    TIP #8: [I didn't let myself get comfortable in bad positions!] If I had to sit somewhere with shoulders hunched, I made the habit of conscious stretching and squeezing periodically. Every 10 or 15 minutes, I would squeeze my back (almost like I was crushing a soda can between my shoulder blades) a few times and make sure to sit up straight. This felt great, and prevented me from falling back into the bad positions that caused my pain in the first place.

Maybe you have a different struggle, stress, or pain?

Everyone needs different steps, and my problems and what I did might not be your formula exactly—but I am an expert at figuring out your formula and tweaking the strategy along the way until we know what works for you.

My client David went from 204lbs to 181lbs after training with me for a few months. My client Heather was able to Deadlift 225 after correcting her movements and building the strength—an exercise she couldn't perform at all when she first came in. My client Amy suffered from debilitating lower back pain until we identified and corrected the muscular problem (her glutes weren't activating, and her lower back was overpowering her abdomen).

My background as a "lifetime-learner," Taekwondo Blackbelt, and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist equips me with a variety of skills and I'm confident we can figure out what exactly you need and your best results will come when we hone in our your unique code. But, if we're not right for each other, I'll let you know so you aren't wasting time or money.

Of course, I'm not just asking you to take my word for it:

If I couldn't satisfy the needs of a client, I would let them know that what they needed wouldn't come me. That means even for those I couldn't help, my satisfaction rates are 100%. See what a few of my clients have said:

"Andrew is one of the best trainers! You get great quality out of him.
I worked out with him for over 3 months and met every goal we set . . .
He gives you a 150%!"
- Jeremy B.

"I have grown to trust Andrew because I am continually impressed by his
commitment and his credibility. I mean, he is always doing research to improve
his company. In the time that I consistently used his work out routines I made gains,
and the same goes for his diet advice."
 - Charlie R.

"Andrew is super knowledgeable,
and understands the importance of nutrition."
 - Caleb M.

I really do everything I can to go above and beyond for my clients.

Before and during your training program, I will help you refine and set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-oriented goals that we can achieve. When I'm training with you, you will experience my encouragement, adaptability, and knowledge to help you reach your goals. I will work with you to support you targets and training through your diet as well. Even when we're apart, you can be certain that I'm staying up-to-date with the industry, poring over research and making sure that I'm the most informed expert you can get your hands on.

Because of the amount of hours that goes into being a good trainer on stage AND behind the scenes, I make myself distinct from a lot of other trainers who get their certification, stop learning, and give you the bare minimum

But let's be realistic.

I had a client who was uncomfortable with his body, and he didn't like how his clothes were fitting. He said he felt tired before work, at work, and after work. He struggled with back and shoulder pains from time to time as well. He felt like he didn't have the motivation to eat better or practice healthy habits—what was the point? He felt like he could never lose his gut, be comfortable without a shirt, or feel healthy and vibrant again.

After training with me for a while and losing 20lbs, he said his clothes were fitting better and was starting to like what he saw in the mirror and he wasn't afraid of the beach anymore. He woke up energetic and stayed alert through the day. He wasn't perfect, but he had started building good habits for his body, and his pain was almost non-existent. Not to mention he had gained a tremendous amount of strength!

The process isn't a secret, and it's not a 21-day fix, 90 days of intensity, or anything like that. It's a gradual change in your mindset, your goals, and your habits that result in big changes over time—changes that stick around!

I can teach you what it takes to get yourself to the body you wanted. If you guarantee hard work, I can guarantee results.

You have NO CHOICE but to pay for your health and fitness...

I've always said at least some form of training is a non-optional cost. What does that mean? Well, a lot of times people say they can't afford training or that they're too busy. I don't even think the objection is right in the first place!

The investment into your health financially is non-optional meaning you WILL pay for your well-being. You could do it now, feel better, and look good, or you can do it later with medication, doctors, and disease. Look, I'm not saying you won't go to the doctor if you train with me or anyone else, but I am saying there is an overwhelming body of research, evidence, and common sense that tells us the best way to avoid those things is exercise. Those bills are harder to anticipate and BIGGER. Plus you feel terrible and scared as you pay those bills versus how healthy and confident you are during training. 

If you consider yourself too busy for training, you've failed to understand the multiplier of productivity that training is. You see, the mind follows the body; greater strength, muscular balance, and posture will directly improve your health and capacity for creativity and production. Here are a few of the effects that training brings about to increase what you produce and the quality of your life (research in parenthesis):

- boosts mood (

- reduces stress (

- creates mental toughness (

- increases confidence (

- regulates/improves sleep (

- create a positive outlook (

- increases creativity (

- not to mention memory, attention, problem solving, and many others benefits

Believe me, training gives a huge return on your investment. Try it for yourself and decide. John F. Kennedy said, "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."

Beyond money and time, a wise strength coach named Bret Contreras said: "If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous."

Three ways I'll make it an offer you can't refuse...

  1. The initial session is free! I want you to come visit the gym, discuss your goals, provide an assessment, and answer any questions you might have. Let's meet, make sure we don't creep each other out, and get started!
  2. Website Special: After our initial free session, I'll give you two sessions for $15/ea! For 30 bucks you can come in for two full sessions to make sure we're a good fit.
  3. If you guarantee hard work, I can guarantee results. I can't make you take the steps you need to, but I can develop the right map. If my plan doesn't work and you want to cut our time short, I'll gladly refund any remaining sessions you had!

Because results and satisfaction are my number one goal, some of my clients have written some over-the-top flattering reviews:

"I have been working with Andrew for several months and I cannot imagine a better trainer. Andrew is the epitome of class and professionalism, and his knowledge of workout routines targeting specific muscle groups is second to none. He is very attentive, writes excellent programs that target his client's specific goals, and is incredibly smart. Anybody can train and gain strength and try to 'bulk up' with any random trainer, but not so with Andrew . . . his training goes well above any random 'strength training.' His approach is very balanced and he places an emphasis on targeting strength training equally throughout your whole body. Andrew has my absolute highest recommendation and I could not be happier with him. BEST. TRAINER. EVER." - David M.

"I began a weight loss journey at the beginning of January and started to hit a wall in losing weight. Andrew was patient and offered sound advice. He encouraged me and gave me practical ways to improve my weight loss. He was professional and thorough in asking questions and getting a full picture before giving any advice. I have received advice on weight loss from many individuals, I trust Andrew more than any of them and continue to ask him questions along my journey.- Nicki W.

"Andrew has provided me with consistent feedback for several years now on healthy habits, effective nutrition and productive lifestyle; his instruction is invariably forthright and well-researched, and I fail to find any measurable bias in his approach to personal training. He is persistent and dedicated to his clients, very organized and strives for efficiency - traits that are evident in his own lifestyle, and I think that is the greatest evidence of a man's passion and conviction: that he employ in his private affairs that which he professes publicly. Andrew will give you all of the tools you need to succeed, even the encouragement and provocation to test your limits: as with any personal gain, no one can do the work for you, but Andrew makes it his personal goal to meet you at your level and help you to grow. I trust him to be straightforward in his assessments, affirming in his corrections, and invaluable in his instruction." - Connor B.

"Andrew's experience, wisdom and professionalism far exceeds the expectations and basic requirements of the job he does. From helping with eating properly and healthy to exercise plans and workouts. If he can't answer you in full he will let you know, research it and then get back to you on your question. He is humble and modest which makes him such a great person. His desire to help people is why he strives to do so much. I wouldn't go to anyone else if I had questions or needed help for physical activities or healthy consumption of food. Thank you for all of your hard work.- Jess P.

    Money isn't everything, but it's important!

    For one-on-one sessions my current rate is $60/session when you get a pack of 10 sessions (lower with more).

    Yes, what I've described is only $60/session...

    But I have to make sure I have committed players on my team so I'm not spreading myself too thin and spinning my wheels. If you're ready to talk about this, I'd love to speak with you. If you read this far, you were looking for a trainer, and there was a reason for that. There was some fire or reason that made you take that first step, and if you haven't decided yet, I encourage you to talk with me.

    If this isn't for you, like I've said before, that's fine. I need people that can promise me consistency and application anyway—if that's not you right now, there's no hard feelings.

    Don't miss the chance to at least have the free first meeting! I'm not a high-pressure salesman—it'll be totally cool. Let's set something up!