Up to 10LBS, $99, 6 Weeks...


In order to keep this brief, you can read more about my private training, my story, what I do, and some testimonials here.

My name is Andrew.

I like helping people:

- get stronger
- relieve pain
- lose weight

Now I want to help you lose up to 10lbs each in 6 weeks—and you only need to come to the gym once per week...

I want you to participate
a 6-week experiment.

April 29–June 3
8:00 am
Every Saturday

I will be hosting a fat-blasting metabolic training session at The Hive.

The parameters are simple.

What's expected OF YOU:

1) Attendance to at least 5 out of the 6 Saturday sessions

2) Adherence to at least 70% of the "at-home habits" given to each participant

What's included FOR YOU:

1) Body measurements before and after the 6 weeks

2) Individualized, intense once-a-week training sessions in The Hive

3) Custom 20 minute at-home training sessions

4) Simple, realistic nutritional tips and guidelines for the program

5) One-on-one consultation and introduction to the program

6) And, of course, up to 10lbs of weight loss!

The Hive
Davie, FL, 33324



1) If you don't want to get up on Saturdays

2) If you can't commit to at least 5 of the 6 sessions

3) If you can commit to at least 70% of the "at-home habits"

4) If $99 seems too expensive


To apply simply provide your email
above, or to ask a question:

Click: Submit a Question
Email: andrew@thinkwinlife.com
Voicemail/Text: 863-812-5951



All the best,