What should I be doing with my life?

Doesn't it seem like everyone has stress in their life? What about despair? Despair seems worse to me—that sick feeling of total hopelessness and deep dissatisfaction.

Why is this?

I think everyone has a unique set of gifts, passions, and purpose. For whatever reason (culture, family, fear, etc.), most people seem to bury those things, or set them aside and call them hobbies that they hope they can eventually find a little time for. Then they dedicate their lives to mediocre work, health, finances, or friends because they stopped thinking about what they should be doing.

Is this you? (not that horse)

*did you know hobby is an archaic term for a small horse or a pony? You're welcome.

*did you know hobby is an archaic term for a small horse or a pony? You're welcome.

Does your life give you joy and peace? I think it can. I think you have plenty of time to stay in shape, be with your family, learn new things, make lots of money, enjoy your hobbies*, and do stuff with your life that is meaningful. That's what I'm going to do.

I'm sure I'm the only person who isn't perfectly clear on exactly what I should be doing with my life, but I do know that I have a common thread running through it:

I want to help people succeed. I want to see other people regain that spark of belief and chase after it. I want to see people trade their stress for peace and their despair for joy. I want people to live satisfying lives filled with meaning and hope.

My first speaking gig will be titled "I'm 25 and I know better. Trust me."

My first speaking gig will be titled "I'm 25 and I know better. Trust me."

So you know what that means for me?

Shoot. I was hoping you did because I don't. I mean, at the most basic level I know it involves communicating ideas. Which is cool because I would love to speak, write, and coach to help people regain hope, reignite dreams, solve problems, set goals, and make plans. I hope to reach that level of influence some day, but for now I need to be involved in something that doesn't require established credibility. But figuring out what that will be is difficult as well. All I can do is start doing something. Besides:


The start is the only thing we have control over.

I recently read an awesome book called "Start" by a guy named Jon Acuff. I actually read it in one day because it was so inspiring and motivating. He's a pretty funny guy, too, so I got actual laughs out of it. 

You can tell it's an awesome book because it's subtitled, "Punch fear in the face, escape average and do work that matters." He and I seem to have a similar vision, but this book isn't limited to that. While it is more specifically about careers, it definitely has application for every facet of our lives.

I recommend you check it out. He'll really inspire you to realize that you can do and be awesome. He really spoke to me because I don't feel like I have a clear, precise, obvious calling to make one specific application of my desire to help people. I see lots of ideas and possibilities.

How can I keep a flexible schedule? How can I keep starting fresh projects? What will those projects be? Don't I have to niche? Don't I have to know what my plans are in detail? Start explains that the end will never be what you think, the journey won't go the way you thought, and the start is the only thing you have control over. I'm ready to start and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

In some way that I will figure out.